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Exercise During Pregnancy

Getting regular exercise during your pregnancy will lead to improved fitness by helping to keep your heart, mind and entire body healthy.

  • exercising regularly may help to decrease some of the common discomforts of pregnancy such as varicose veins, constipation, fatigue and backache
  • many studies have shown that neither moderate or vigorous exercise will be harmful to your baby in a low-risk pregnancy
  • you should consult your doctor or mid-wife before starting or continuing an exercise program If you have not exercised regularly before becoming pregnant,
  • you should gradually increase your activities or start with a mild exercise program.

Tips for safe exercise during pregnancy:

  • regular exercise - at least 3x per week - is optimal
  • do not exercise while lying flat on your back
  • do not exercise to the point of exhaustion - stop exercising as soon as you begin to get tired
  • avoid exercises that may lead to a loss of balance
  • avoid overheating yourself
  • drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercising
  • avoid exercising on hot/humid days
  • a good "rule of thumb" is to always listen to your body while you are exercising

You should not exercise during your pregnancy if:

  • you have experienced pre-term labor during your present or past pregnancies
  • you are experiencing any medical or obstetrical complications
  • you are experiencing persistent vaginal bleeding
  • you have been diagnosed with incompetent cervix
  • you have broken your water
  • there is any indication that your baby is not growing as it should

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