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Post-Pardum Depression

The birth of your baby is a time of joy. It can also be a time of anxiety, loneliness and depression. One in ten postpartum women will experience postpartum depression.

If you are experiencing any of the following after the birth of your child, you may be experiencing postpartum depression:

  • a persistent sad, anxious or empty mood
  • restlessness, irritability, or excessive crying
  • frightening feelings and thoughts
  • over concern for the baby
  • no feelings for the baby
  • feelings of inadequacy and inability to cope
  • lack of interest in sex
  • an inability to concentrate
  • exaggerated highs and lows
  • dramatic change in sleep patterns
  • depression that may range from sadness to suicide

Postpartum depression is a hormonally based psychological disorder. It can be treated successfully with medication, therapy and/or caring support groups for postpartum women and their families.

If you feel you may be experiencing postpartum depression, it is important to discuss these concerns with your doctor, nurse or social worker. You're not alone.

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