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Water Safety

Drowning claims the lives of over 4,000 people every year. Although all age groups are represented, children 0-4 have the highest death rate due to drowning.

Most drowning and near-drowning happen when a child falls into a pool or is left alone in the bathtub.

The National Safety Council encourages adults to establish and adhere to strict water safety rules:

  • Never leave a child unsupervised around water, including a pool, wading pool, spa, bathtub or even a 5-gallon bucket of water. Flotation devices are not a substitute for constant adult supervision.
  • Do not allow children to play near ponds, storm sewers, or excavations.
  • Protect, cover and child proof wells and cisterns.
  • Be aware of neighborhood pools- be it your own or your neighbors. Remove toys from in and around the pool when not in use. Toys can attract children to the pool.
  • For pools, barriers can offer added protection against drowning. Power or manual covers will completely cover a pool and block access to the water, however, be sure to drain any standing water from the surface of the pool cover as a child can drown in very small amounts of water.
  • Enroll children over age three in swimming lessons taught by qualified instructors. But keep in mind that lessons don't make your child drown-proof.
  • Older children risk drowning when they overestimate their swimming ability or underestimate the water depth.

Teach your children these four key swimming rules:

    • Always swim with a buddy
    • Don't dive into unknown bodies of water. Jump feet first to avoid hitting your head on a shallow bottom.
    • Don't push or jump on others.
    • Be prepared for an emergency
  • Always have a first-aid kit and emergency telephone contacts handy.
  • Parents should be trained in CPR

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